Saturday, 4 January 2014

Laptops vs PC's

Laptops vs PC's - Which is worth the Bucks??

Now this is one of the biggest dilemma an adolescent faces in his/her lifetime. I've done a fair amount of research on the differences between laptops and Personal Computers which share the majority of electronic market even in the era of Phablets, smartphones, iPads and tablets. Well, let me say you what my findings revealed.



      Personal Computers pet named PC are some of the most well built rugged machines to rule this planet. Yes, indeed they ruled the planet for over half a century. Even though their prominence has gone down in the 21st century, they are still the data stores for almost all the business institutions. The sight of an office worker feverishly tapping the keys has become the most unofficial symbol of hard work. Not only in office and educational institutions PC's are used in the World's Highest Paying Industry- Gaming. You would have seen the Keynotes on newly released Games. Well, you will be surprised that they don't use a Playstation 3(PS 3) or an X-Box to develop a game. Instead they completely rely on Computers and their Gaming Software's to develop a game. Gamers love a PC for it's ability to evolve. Yes, the only device that can evolve with same physical structure is a PC. You can change almost anything- You can upgrade your 1GB Graphics memory to a 2GB , 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard disks to 1TB ones and your old Intel Pentium processors to the all new i7's. You can also change the Operation System(OS) with fluid efficiency in a PC. If any part of Hardware is damaged and if you're a person with little Computer knowledge you can change the damaged hardware with a new one and also install the software for it all by yourself. And moreover all this at a cost that will not put a hole in your pockets. The only disadvantage I discovered was that a PC is not portable. You cannot carry a PC to the place's you go. Even though you have a wireless optical  mouse and a wireless keyboard and you can use a TV for a PC monitor , you still can't carry the immensely sized CPU in a bag. And you need a power source to operate your PC.
Now let's see about the much more handier laptops


             The ultimate 20th century electronic item was the laptop. Wait a minute.... Are laptops really Lap-Tops. From the word laptop a first grader would infer that that product is meant to be used on the top of the lap. But can you really place it on your lap and use it. The shocking answer is NO. The recent findings in medical science show that the heat caused by a laptop can easily reduce your sperm count and cause infertility over time. This is reason enough to not call a laptop a Lap-top product. And with all those Chinese electronic batteries in the market that may explode when charged, it has highly become unsafe to use a laptop on your lap-top. Secondly, laptops are less user friendly when compare to PC's. They come packed in with a particular configuration and they remain with the same configuration for the rest of their lives with a few exceptional laptops that offer selective configuration upgrades. Of course you can change your OS but its evolution stops there. You cannot change the hardware of a laptop. It's either your old laptop with an old configuration or an all new laptop for 1000 USD in the market with latest configurations. And with all those extra device's like an external hard drive, external DVD drive, external speakers, headsets and a bulky charger, I would hardly call a laptop a portable device. It is more a semi-portable device than a portable one. And moreover laptops are not easily serviceable, they bill you exorbitant sum's to service your laptop. You also need to regularly change your laptop battery that costs 50 bucks.

 With so many con's in it, is a laptop worth the money? For a person who loves semi-portability and doesn't care about throwing in a grand for a new laptop or playing games I would recommed you a laptop.
Otherwise, if you are an avid game lover and you think you need to keep up with the latest configurations I would recommend you to go with a PC.

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